BIO Pockety Pro


  • Long durability: pocket mops last twice as much as strap tape mops
  • Touch-free: touch-free detaching system allows mops to be removed without contact
  • Ready-to-use: the cleaning solution is hermetically kept in the dosing bottle
  • Compliant with health protocols: the cleaning solution is released onto the floor, chemicals are not sprayed in the air, as with nebulization occurs
  • Ergonomic: eliminates the use of heavy buckets and wringer making cleaning operations quick and easy
  • Compact: all you need in one single handle
  • Intuitive: easy-to-use system, fast and it requires no training
  • Easy to maintain: cleaning of the tool is very easy and fast
  • Colour coded: transparent, graduated, colour-coded bottles to diversify cleaning solutions according to the environment



Handle with tank for no-bucket-cleaning with pocket frame. Ideal for hard-to-reach environments as staircases and a precise cleaning of unexpected dirt or combined with cleaning with equipments