Duop Reach Kit


  • You can use the Duop with the handle for easy access to hard to reach areas or grip the ball directly for detailed cleaning.
  • It makes manual cleaning safer and more effective as the ball and socket joint, along with the extendable handle, is ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive injuries caused by bending, kneeling, wrist flexing, twisting and stretching.
  • The socket joint now has an improved locking mechanism and the handle has an improved grip.
  • The Duop Reach Kit consists of an extendable handle, removable ball and socket frame, along with two cleaning and two glass reusable microfibre pads, a spray bottle and five Hi-shine microfibre cloths.
  • The washable microfibre pad easily attaches onto the frame and is great for dusting and cleaning, either damp or dry.
  • A cleaning pad is available for tougher and dirtier jobs, and a glass pad for windows and shiny surfaces.

Duop Reach is a versatile, extendable cleaning tool which features a unique ergonomic ball and socket joint, making cleaning easy and strain-free for the user.