Chemex leads the market in food and hospitality hygiene. Our products and systems give thousands of businesses peace of mind that their operations are safe and efficient – which saves them time and money.

You might never have had a food hygiene issue but what if your loos or drains smell? This all adds to (or detracts from) your customers’ perception of their visit. And whether they choose to visit again or recommend you to friends.

At Chemex we look at the bigger picture. By understanding what’s important to your business we can help you keep back of house safe and slick while making sure front of house creates the right impression to your customers each and every time.

Must have products for the Hospitality industry:


Bacticlean contains a broad-spectrum biocide as well as agents designed to be particularly effective for removing body fats, grease and grime. The product leaves a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance. It is NHS PASA approved and well over a million litres of Bacticlean are used every year in healthcare, education and hospitality sectors. Its potent but safe biocidal component is considered one of the safest authentic biocides available and has a long history of efficacious use.

Citrus Toilet Fresh

Citrus Toilet Fresh has been specifically designed to clean toilet bowls by effortlessly breaking down and removing organic matter and other residue. The specialist blend of hydrochloric and phosphoric acids in Citrus Toilet Fresh allow you to clean and de-scale with one product, making it ideal for use in busy hospitality and healthcare environments.

Ultraclean Tannex

Ultraclean Tannex is a highly concentrated commercial dishwash detergent, specifically formulated for busy environments where a high degree of tannin removal is required. It quickly breaks down and removes grease, starch and proteins, including stains from tea and coffee, leaving crockery sparkling clean. The low foaming solution can also be used for floor scrubbing and pressure washing where low foaming properties are required.