Our Partners

Chemex Hygiene is the one-stop shop for all commercial cleaning detergents and equipment in Ireland. With an incredible range of high quality products aimed to cater to different price points, it is no wonder we have over 200 customers. Chemex has established itself in the industry, not only due to our top-rated customer service, but also due to our high quality products. The partnerships we have made with top brands from around the world has allowed us to offer our customers the best products on the market.


Hagleitner are a strong and independent global brand that stands out with innovation and service. They count on quality and are convinced of the fact that only the best quality can do justice to the hygiene requirements of the present. The customer deserves to get the best products out there.

Sutter Professional

Sutter Professional have been involved in the production of cleaning and surface treatment products for over five generations. Their products stem from the magic of chemistry with the aim of offering high-performance solutions that respect the values of quality and eco-sustainability.


TTS are a manufacturer specialised in manual cleaning with over 30 years of activity in the market. They have ongoing research on how to develop products using more innovative materials and sustainable designs. Their products are efficient and guarantee performance over time. They also have customised solutions designed for your specific needs.

Robert Scott

Robert Scott offer products designed to keep pace with the very latest cleaning and hygiene innovations and regulations of the professional janitorial sector. This includes everything from microfibre cloths and medical cleaning trolleys to rapid response cleaning systems and mops.


Seko is a world-renowned manufacturer of dosing pumps and metering systems with over 40 years’ experience. They have a dedicated team that are committed to ensuring products that are efficient, safe and reliable.

Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave have been providing natural odour removing products for over 20 years. They ensure their products can remove tough odours without harming your customer or the environment. Their mission is to always provide customers with the most effective go-to solution for safe, natural odour removal.


Christeyns was founded in 1946 and has grown into a major player on the global chemical market. With four research centres, continuous investments in research and development and a team of highly experienced hygiene specialists to support their customers, Christeyns is a true knowledge-based company.


Bulkysoft represents one of the widest range in the professional market, by offering solutions for the following product categories: toilet paper, towels, soaps, medical sheets, handkerchiefs, cleaners, napkins and tablecloths. Bulkysoft products are certified for for contact and for maintaining well-defined quality standards thanks to the use of raw materials coming from responsibly managed forests.