Chemex has worked with the transport industry over the last 25 years to develop a comprehensive range of products that has resulted in making vehicle cleaning more cost effective, safer, simpler and with the latest products in the range, more environmentally friendly.¬†There is an increasing awareness and demand for increased quality among consumers and Chemex believes that this can be achieved by recognising that service is a key factor in ensuring success. Our aim is to ensure that your organisation is well positioned to maintain high levels of quality and service that meet, and hopefully exceed, your customer’s expectations.

From tyre-dressing to TFRs, we offer one of the most comprehensive quality ranges in the marketplace, with products to suit your individual requirements, whatever your budget!

Safe to handle and easy-to-use, our products have been designed to tackle any surface from the very dirty to the very delicate.

In garage workshops and engineering plants, there is constant demand for tough, effective cleaning materials that cut through grease, oil and corrosion; and for those who work in such environments, gentle yet powerful protection for hands.

Products used in the Automotive industry;


Lemonburst is a highly versatile heavy-duty floor cleaner, suitable for all types of hard floors including, vinyl, tiled, marble, stone and wooden block. It powers through even the toughest dirt and soiling to leave floors clean and looking new. It can also be used as a multipurpose cleaner for hard surfaces including walls and cupboards.


SUPERPLUS is an exceptionally powerful grime remover, specifically formulated for cleaning the exterior of vehicles. The advanced formulation effortlessly breaks down dirt and grime from even the hardest to reach areas on vehicles, whilst being gentle on paintwork and decals, leaving surfaces spotless.


Reflexion Sapphire is a highly effective non-abrasive premium glass cleaner. The Chemists at Chemex have specifically formulated Reflexion Sapphire to guarantee a gleaming streak-free finish every time. No need for multiple applications, even with minimal buffing the advanced formulation cuts through grease and grime to leave glass crystal clear.