Commercial Dishwashing- 10 Top Tips

An efficient commercial kitchen is not just about installing a commercial dishwasher. You also need to know how to use and maintain it properly to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

You can extend the lifespan of your commercial dishwasher by taking proper care, investing time in proper maintenance, and training your kitchen staff on good use of the dishwasher.

We would like to suggest 10 tips for getting the best use from your commercial dishwasher/ glass washer:

  1. Allow the machine to automatically complete the full wash process and do not interrupt wash programmes.
  2. Do not forcibly increase rack throughput.
  3. To reduce detergent costs, always pre-scrape crockery prior to putting in machine.
  4. Avoid towel drying as towels are washed in fabric conditioner which causes glasses not to dry effectively and can also affect beer quality.
  5. Leave door ajar to allow the machine to air dry – this will stop bacteria from building up.
  6. Make sure that the detergent and rinse-aid bottles are full.
  7. Check for and if necessary remove any obstructions in wash nozzles and ensure all rinse nozzles are secure.
  8. Stainless steel and silver cutlery are usually suitable for machine washing, but it pays to rinse off any acidic food before loading as this prevents corrosion. Do not mix stainless steel and silver cutlery in the same basket.
  9. If possible remove the cutlery immediately after the cycle as this helps to avoid prolonged exposure  to a humid atmosphere.
  10. Check plastics are dishwasher safe and do not place in the lower rack, where the heating element may affect the plastic during drying.

Must have Dishwashing products: