Whether your particularly cleaning requirement cover poolside, steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis, gyms, changing rooms or shower rooms, Chemex has a solution for you. Our range has been specifically formulated to prevent the transmission of infection and maximise the level of satisfaction by eradicating body fats, limescale and resulting bad odours. Chemex can help provide a reduction in labour costs by introducing more effective hygiene products and protocols including free scheduled on site staff training, covering effective use of supplied products, efficient cleaning methods and Health & Safety related to products supplied.

Key products for the Leisure industry;

Bacticlean XTRA

Bacticlean XTRA safely cleans and sanitises plastics and all hard surfaces- especially effective on all washroom furniture and tiles. Contain citric acid leaving a pleasant orange fragrance.


Powerkleen is a multi-functional floor and wall cleaner with proven bactericidal results across the broad spectrum. We will train your staff how to use our chemicals, free of charge, as part of our exemplary service; delivering a safer environment for them and peace of mind for you.

FAD Green Shield 

FAD Green-Shield is an innovative, environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner and sanitiser, suitable for a wide variety of tasks. It effortlessly kills 99.999% of bacteria without the need to rinse, quickly prevents the spread of viruses on hard and soft surfaces, allowing you to effectively clean and sanitise with one food-safe product.