Great cleaning and hygiene standards should be synonymous with a reputable care provider. Chemex understands that to provide the best level of service, being clean is just the beginning. Our infection control centre range and easy to use everyday products will help you guarantee a great environment for staff, residents and families alike. They then demonstrate the solution to solve the problem. Products are supplied in packaging sizes to suit the customer. No wonder a high proportion of Chemex business is repeat orders.

Why choose Us

  • High quality products that can help your establishment provide great levels of care
  • No minimum order value
  • No carriage charge
  • Emergency 24 hour delivery or sooner
  • Personal service by the local business owner
  • Health and Safety information
  • Training given, free of charge
  • Stock control programmes
  • Specialist market support programme
  • Wall charts and control programme
  • Risk assessment guidance
  • Health and safety classification programme
  • Full janitorial range
  • Disposable paper product range

How do our cleaning products and programmes help the Healthcare industry?

Chemex offers a range of cleaning products and sanitising agents which are widely used in the healthcare sector to provide effective protection against MRSA, C. diff and Norovirus. Some of the key products used in the healthcare industry include:

Bacticlean XTRA

Bacticlean XTRA safely cleans and sanitises plastics and all hard surfaces and is especially effective on bathroom furniture and tiles. It has been independently tested to give proven kill rates against a wide range of bacteria including Aspergillus niger, E. coli, Listeria sp., Salmonella sp., MRSA. It is also effective against large enveloped viruses such as influenza including H1N1 and H5N1.


Cleans and brightens all glass- diamond clear in seconds. It quickly and safely cleans grease and grime, crayon marks, cosmetics, traffic film and soiling from windows, mirrors and screens.

Enduro Hand Sanitiser

Chemex Enduro is a unique hand sanitiser which is dermatologically tested and proven to kill spores as well as bacteria and viruses. Chemex Enduro is quick drying, long lasting and suitable for everyday use, anytime, anywhere. It dries within seconds leaving hands fresh and lightly moisturised.

Infection Control

Chemex’s unique approach to giving complete peace of mind includes effective staff training on the importance of infection control. Bespoke cleaning and hygiene control programmes are set up and your staff are trained to follow them correctly and safely. This ensures the effective use of products to maintain a clean, safe environment. We have products proven to kill 99.99% of C.diff spores. We also have products proven to kill viruses such as Covid-19, Polio, Norovirus, Hepatitis C, HIV, SARS, and Avian Flu (HSN1), bacteria such as C. diff, Listeria, Legionella, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus including MRSA and fungi including Aspergillus and candida. Our independent biocidal product tests include EN14476, EN1276 and EN13704.