Catering Industry

Failing to meet cleaning and hygiene standards is the last thing you need slowing down your operations or worse, damaging your reputation. Chemex can help make sure this does not happen.

Some of the ways we ensure your reputation is protected are;

  • Helping you meet regulations by compiling a bespoke Hygiene Control Programme.
  • Assisting you with inventory management- so that you are using correct dosing methods and not overusing chemicals.
  • Tapping into over 25 years experience in the cleaning and hygiene sector.

Why FAD is a must have product for the Catering Industry?

1. FAD quickly removes animal fats, grease & grime.

2. FAD by Chemex can effectively clean, sanitise and degrease in one action.

3. This product is food-safe, which means that you do not have to wipe off before you start working on the surface.

4. It will cost you less per trigger sprayer than sanitisers found at the cash and carry, proving you don’t need dozens of different products to protect your reputation.

5. There are no lengthy dwell times because FAD starts killing bacteria on contact and, after just 1 minute, kills greater than 99.99% of bacteria found on the workspace.

6. FAD deodorises by removing the source of malodour.

7. FAD has been independently-tested and proven to kill: Salmonella, Listeria, E-coli, P. aeruginosa, S. acres (MRSA), K. pneumonia, S. epidermis, and S. enteritis.

More kitchen and food prep chemicals

Optimum C

Optimum C cleans walls, floors and equipment where other products can’t cut it. Its premium degreasing action cuts through greasy deposits with ease making the job quicker, easier and safer.

Ultraclean H

Ultraclean H has been formulated for use in commercial automatic dishwashers as well as tray-wash and glass-wash machines. Ultraclean H will remove dried on food residue from crockery and pans, and lipstick from tea and coffee cups.


Smokeclean is a powerful carbon remover intended for professional use only. It is a strongly alkaline concentrate which is highly effective at dealing with burnt-on-grease, smoke and carbon deposits. Smokeclean is ideal for cleaning ovens, smoke ovens, grills, griddles and fat fryers. It is also used for cleaning steel canopies, curing trays and smoke racks.