Chemzyme contains billions of naturally-occurring, ‘friendly’ bacteria which have a unique double-action: they clean away soils by eating dirt and also use nature’s natural defence technology to combat harmful bacteria that can make you sick.

The vast majority of bacteria in our homes and businesses are completely harmless. They are everywhere – on surfaces, carpets, even on our skin and in our bodies. They aren’t just ubiquitous, they are essential to life.

At Chemex we are experts at protecting us from the bad ones – the ones that can seriously affect our health or cause bad odours – and using the good ones to keep everything clean as well as preventing the bad ones from coming back.

But I thought all bacteria were bad… Don’t they make us sick?

Far from it! Many are actually good for our health – they help us digest our food and protect us against germs.

…And without bacteria we would have no bread, beer or cheese and would have drowned in our own waste millions of years ago!

There are some nasty ones that can make us sick but the vast majority aren’t just harmless, they are positively beneficial.

Tell me more…

Bacteria are literally everywhere. In one teaspoon of soil from the garden you will find at least a billion of them. You have to look quite hard, though – they are very small. And there are about ten times as many bacteria on your body and in your digestive tract as there are cells in your body.

Bacteria make up most of the Earth’s biomass – and you can’t even see them! They settle on surfaces and multiply to fill any available space where nutrients (food, dirt, dust), oxygen and moisture exist. They especially like damp corners where you might not clean so often – they live on the dirt.

The friendly bacteria in Chemzyme literally ‘eat’ dirt and make sure harmful bugs can’t get in. In scientific terms this is called ‘competitive exclusion’. The great thing is the bugs keep on eating the dirt for as long as it’s there to eat. They keep working after you’ve put the mop or cloth away.

We also use Chemzyme’s friendly bacteria in drains where harmful bugs cause bad odours and would make you pretty ill if you accidentally managed to ingest any. The friendly bacteria out-compete (and competitively exclude) the bad ones so you get rid of the smells and they eat the solidified fats, oils and greases that can cause expensive blockages.

How does Chemzyme compare with normal antibacterial cleaners?

Chemzyme contains  a combination of natural cleaning agents and billions of friendly bacteria. Here’s how it works:

Spray Chemzyme on to the surface just as you would any other cleaner.  Wipe it off and the visible dirt and harmful bacteria are gone and you’re left with a brilliant shine

A layer of friendly bacteria is left behind – these will inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and keep eating any invisible dirt

In contrast, antibacterial cleaners may well kill bacteria BUT in doing so they also create the space for harmful bacteria to invade and settle.

Chemzyme prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and the friendly bacteria it contains clean the dirt you can see, the dirt you can’t see – and it keeps on working! The moment any dirt appears the friendly bugs get to work on it – and don’t stop until it’s gone!

Chemzyme – harnessing nature’s technology

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