Mi-Cloth Microfibre Pack


  • Available in four colours for good hygiene, this cost-effective microfibre cloth can be used for multi-surface, smear-free cleaning, including on stainless steel and glass.
  • Its super soft feel enables it to be used on most surfaces.
  • Low linting, lightweight and food contact safe, Mi-cloth is also highly absorbent and remains strong even when damp.
  • Available as sheets in a pack of 50 cloths, or roll of 250 sheets. The sheets are perforated and the rolls can be used in dispensers, stored and carried around on trolleys or stored on work surfaces.

Mi-cloth is a disposable microfibre product that’s ideal for use in hygiene critical areas like catering and medical to prevent cross-contamination, it is certified to EN 16615 which proves it removes 99.99% of germs, including coronaviruses, from surfaces.