HDS 895-4 M Eco

RRP: €3,900, Our Price: €2,750


  • This medium-duty hot water high-pressure cleaner offers a high level of operator comfort and service-friendliness.
  • The tanks for heating oil, detergent and scale inhibitor can be filled from outside without having to open the machine cover. The machine cover is lockable. A compartment is provided for storing nozzles, tools and other small parts so that they are always at hand.
  • The upright boiler with integral high-performance burner ensures excellent heat exchange which is one of the prerequisites for complying with emission regulations. The boiler’s special design avoids dew point corrosion.
  • The outstanding features of the smooth-running three-piston axial pump with its ceramic pistons are its simple construction, compactness, low operating sound and long service life.

    The high-pressure pump, burner fan and heating oil pump are driven directly by the electric motor. This layout reduces overall size and guarantees high efficiency and reliability.


The new generation – Eco – hot water high- pressure cleaners combines innovative engineering with a maximum of user convenience, economy and a long service life, even under very demanding operating conditions.