• Total control: reduces subjectivity of the operator allowing total control of the dosage
  • Effective: the cleaning solution is protected in a hermetic tank that keeps intact the active ingredients of the chemical
  • Versatile: allows you to adapt the moistness of the mop to the size of the area to be cleaned and the type of floor
  • Compliant with health protocols: the cleaning solution is released onto the floor, chemicals are not sprayed in the air, as with nebulization occurs
  • Intuitive: designed highlighting areas of interaction to reduce training time
  • Mechanic: it does not contain electrical parts, minimizing consumption, maintenance and environmental impact during disposal
  • Long durability: Modular and easy to clean


Soaking station for single mop soaking directly on the trolley. Ideal for any environment that wants the benefits of pre-soaking without the burden of management.