Odour Control – Care Homes

You already understand the importance of making sure that residents and their families feel completely comfortable in your establishment.

Chemzyme Plus

  • New biological cleaning technology – no harsh chemicals
  • Long lasting deodorising effects
  • Uses nature’s systems to eliminate body fluids and wastes
  • Enzymatic action, using naturally occurring bacteria
  • Non- hazardous
  • Biodegradable

The system continues to work long after application giving a residual benefit – and saves you time and cost. Chemzyme Plus will work on carpets, floorboards, and soft furnishings to combat the smell of urine and other soiling. It acts quickly to eliminate the causes of foul smells and works organically to remove any waste matter in the carpet pile. It works just as effectively on hard flooring too.

Chemex Odour ControlsThere is no need to rinse as the Chemzyme Plus continues to digest dirt and grease as the floor dries. Chemzyme Plus is a concentrated solution of naturally-occurring bacteria and enzymes using biological processes for multi-surface cleaning. It effectively combines biodegradable surfactants, a fresh fragrance and beneficial bacterial strains which digest organic debris at source.

The microbes in Chemzyme Plus effectively penetrate porous surfaces and establish a self-renewing biofilm deep inside inaccessible surfaces.

Chemzyme Plus successfully performs many functions – it cleans, refreshes, eliminates organic waste build-up and deodorises by destroying the source of bad odours rather than trying to mask them.

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