Laundry – Tips for your Business


Empty pockets, turn down cuffs on shirts, close all zips, poppers and hooks.


Read and follow care labels. Separate dark colours from light colours and whites. Sort delicate fabrics from heavier ones. Sort by temperature to ensure best results and never exceed the temperature on the fabric care label. Wash very dirty clothes separately (dirt can pass onto less soiled clothes in the washing machine).


Over-loading doesn’t allow clothes to tumble properly in the drum, thereby reducing the agitation. This will lead to reduced cleaning performance.


Wash water temperature directly affects cleaning and creasing. The correct choice of water temperature can also minimize dye transfer from unstable colours. Check your garment care labels for recommended wash temperature.


Once the wash cycle has finished, the garments should be removed and dried as soon as possible. Leaving clothes damp can lead to problems such as bad smells or even mildew. Load your dryer so clothes can circulate. Over-loading can result in excessive creasing.

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