XIBU Care Mousse Hybrid


  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to wipes
  • 95% less waste
  • Three power options
  • User friendly
  • Theft-proof
  • Reserve tank
  • 1000 designs

The hybrid dispenser provides not only foam moisturising toilet paper without contact, but also data. A smartphone can be used to reveal the statuses of the fill level, power status and service requirements at any time, anywhere.

Moisturised wipes are usually made from non-woven material. The fibres are solidified so that the liquids applied do not deteriorate the material when still the packaging. However, the route to the sewage treatment plant is generally too short for the tear-resistant substance to dissolve completely. This means it clogs pumps in pipelines and generates huge maintenance costs. The CARE MOUSSE has finally brought an end to all this.