Green Hotel 905


  • Ideal to rearrange medium-big areas with space problems thanks to the foldable bag holder
  • Shock-resistant: polypropylene, naturally stainless and elastic, guarantees shockproof performance
  • Modular: components and accessories allow you to customize the trolley for every need, making it easy to update or repair at any time
  • Easy to maintain: the smooth surfaces and the absence of cavities facilitate cleaning and guarantee a high level of hygiene
  • Ergonomic: the bag holder allows bag extraction without the need to lift it, avoiding traumas and fatigue on the vertebral column
  • Customisable: two labels on the base of the trolley can carry the logo of the cleaning company
  • First CFP Systematic Approach certified in Italy: the system developed by TTS makes it possible to quantify greenhouse gas emissions for each stage of the product life cycle. Quantifying the Carbon Footprint of a product (CFP) enables an environmentally conscious and responsible choice.
  • Eco-friendly: components are made from polypropylene, stainless, robust and completely recyclable.

Multipurpose polypropylene and metal trolley.