Action Pro Wiz


  • Highest hygiene: rinsing water is always clean thanks to the back drain-plug that allows emptying the bucket when necessary
  • Effective: separation of cleaning solution from rinsing water allows a better cleaning result, less waste of water and chemical
  • Ergonomic: the drain-plugs allow to empty the bucket without lifting weights
  • Ergonomic: higher than the traditional buckets to allow the operator to work while standing
  • Easy to maintain: the smooth surfaces and the absence of cavities facilitate cleaning and guarantee a high level of hygiene
  • Handy: double handle to carry it easily
  • Flexible: four different wringing intensity levels
  • Efficient: the wringer wrings 20% to 10% more than conventional wringers
  • Ergonomic: the wringer reduces from 70% to 50% the effort required for wringing



Double bucket with professional plate wringer. Ideal for cleaning medium-large areas where it is necessary to rinse the mop.