Infection Control – Healthcare Acquired Infections

How do Chemex provide infection control?

Our network of Chemex experts are trained in helping businesses equip themselves for effective infection control. Our service starts by gaining a thorough understanding of possible risks, assessing how they may impact business functions and by providing our customers with a best practice programme suitable for their needs.

How do I know that the products work?

All of the products in our infection control range are independently tested to international standards. Just ask your local expert for the test certificates.

What should I do if my business suffers an outbreak?

Hospitals across the UK are winning the battle against killer bugs following a breakthrough in pathogen eradication.

The launch of Chemex AntiBak – the only cleaning product powerful enough to kill Clostridium difficile spores – has given the NHS a powerful weapon to combat the full range of superbugs.

The spray on wipe off system was successfully used in Berkshire where eight wards were closed due to a Norovirus outbreak.

AntiBak was applied in the afternoon, the wards were swabbed the same evening and tests showed them to be completely clear.

Berkshire Shared Services’ mobile deep clean team has proven AntiBak’s effectiveness against a number of pathogens including C. diff spores.

Daughne Taylor, Head of Operations, Risk and Business Development for Berkshire Shared Services, said: “We were faced with a serious infection outbreak in a number of different patient-related areas, transferred in from areas outside our control. AntiBak gave us fast clear results that enabled us to re-open critical bed space in a far shorter time without compromise to patient safety.

The back up support Chemex offered to all my team and the speed with which they reacted when contacted with our dilemma was second to none. Chemex AntiBak is a safe, effective, easy to use concept which delivers huge rewards and a safe method of working for our front line staff, but more importantly offers our patients peace of mind that we take their health protection seriously.”

In Lincolnshire a ward which had been closed long-term due to Aspergillus infestation at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston was re-opened after using AntiBak.

Chemex International Director Sean Derrig said AntiBak had now been proven on hospital wards as well as in the laboratory.

“This is the first time hospitals have had a cleaning agent that kills C. diff spores   which has been proven in independent trials to be 1,000 times more effective than traditional protocols at a fraction of the concentration.

“It is neither hypochlorite nor quat-based.  Its revolutionary chemistry and has none of the Health and Safety dangers of chlorine or peroxide based protocols but is devastatingly effective against pathogens.

“When used to clean wards or operating theatres it does not require the lengthy shutdowns or specialist techniques which are often associated with traditional ‘deep cleans’ and costs less than the disinfectant sprays that you might find in your local supermarket.”

In independent testing AntiBak has achieved the Internationally Approved EN1276, EN13704, EN14476 and EN1650 standards against the spores. It has also achieved veterinary approvals from Defra for use against foot and mouth disease, Avian Flu H5N1 and Salmonella choleraesius.

Mr Derrig added: “The Government has made tackling hospital infection one of its priorities and now we can provide hospitals with the most effective weapon available to help ensure patients are protected from potentially lethal bacteria, viruses and spores.”