FreshWave odour eliminators are made with natural, non-toxic and biodegradable active ingredients. This makes FreshWave®IAQ products safe to use around people and animals.


Water Lime Pine Needles Aniseed Clove Cedar Wood

A total odour solution

A complete odour elimination solution available in multiple formats to address every odour abatement application.

● Hotels/Restaurants/Bistros
● Reconstructions (water damage & fire)
● Carpet Cleaning
● Wellness-/Fitness centers
● Wellness-/Fitness centers
● Cinemas
● Nursing homes
● Schools
● Hospitals
● Public Transportation
● Day-care centers
● Car Rental Services

FreshWave®IAQ products

- Multi purpose liquid concentrate
- Multi Use
- Gel

FreshWave Products

FreshWave®IAQ spray:

for rapid and targeted odour control in the air and surfaces

FreshWave®IAQ Multi Use:

eliminate bad odours deep in textiles and carpets by washing machine or cleaning with commercial cleaning equipment

FreshWave®IAQ gel:

continuous release formulation works around the clock to provide constant 24/7 odour control. Suitable for rooms of 15-20 cubic meters