Catering – Degreaser and Sanitiser

Chemex Degreaser7 things to known about Chemex Food Area Degreaser (FAD)

  1. FAD quickly removes animal fats, grease & grime
  2. FAD by Chemex can effectively clean, sanitise and degrease in one action.
  3. This product is food-safe, which means that you do not have to wipe-off before you start working on the surface
  4. It will cost you less per trigger sprayer than sanitisers  found at the cash and carry, proving you don’t need dozens of different products to protect your reputation
  5. There are no lengthy dwell times because FAD starts killing bacteria on contact and, after just 1 minute, kills greater than 99.99% of the bacteria found on most kitchen work surfaces. Some products even require being left to dwell on the work surface for 5 minutes before being wiped off!  In a busy food operation who has time to do that?
  6. FAD deodorises by removing the source of malodour
  7. FAD has been independently tested and proven to kill: Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli, P. aeruginosa,  S. aureus (MRSA), K. pneumonia, S. epidermidis,  and S. enteritidis