Healthcare – Sporicidal Hand Sanitising Foam

Chemex Enduro is a unique hand sanitiser which is dermatological tested and proven to kill spores as well as bacteria and viruses.

Chemex Enduro is quick drying, long lasting and suitable for everyday use, anytime, anywhere. It dries within seconds leaving hands fresh and lightly moisturised.

  • Kills Spores. Sporicidally active and approved to International Standard EN13704.
  • Kills Bacteria. Approved to International Standards EN1276 and EN 1650.
  • Long Lasting Formula. Gives up to 99.9% protection after 2 hours.
  • Kind to skin and suitable for repeated use. Unlike traditional alcohol gels.
  • Dries Quickly. With no sticky residue.
  • Non-flammable. Safe to use and store.
  • Alcohol Free Formula. Does not contribute to climate change.

Our product provides patients, their families and staff with a personal hand sanitiser that is sporicidally active with ultra-low irritancy potential.

Chemex Enduro is intended for regular use, especially before eating and after visiting the bathroom.