Hand Hygiene – The Collection

4 Premium Products to give you Complete Peace of Mind.

Poor hand hygiene is one of the most common means of transmission for pathogens such as E. Coli and MRSA.

But hand hygiene isn’t just vital for healthcare staff. Many infections can be passed between hands and food or hands and surfaces. Many bacteria can continue to survive on surfaces such as worktops and door handles while they wait for you to pick them up.

Good hand hygiene is critical when preparing food, before meals and snacks, after using the restroom, when hands are dirty or when you or someone around you is ill. Trusted by many, Chemex’s product range now includes the Protect Professional Handcare collection.

Developed for commercial use, the range comprises:

Antibacterial Hand Soap A fragrance-free formulation designed for the food, catering and hospitality industries where perfumed soaps are not allowed.

Apple Fresh Hand Soap A mild and luxurious apple-scentedsoap for shower, wahsroom and general use. Gentle on skin but with extra emulsifying power against grease and grime.

Moisturising Barrier Cream Two products in one: a highly effective barrier cream and an “after-work” moisturiser.

ABC Gel An alcohol based bacteriacidal hand rub. ABC gel is highly effective at killing bacteria and is also ideal for use where clean running water is not available.

The Chemex Protect range provides hand hygiene solutions for every application. All Chemex Protect products are lanolin-free and no products are tested on animals.