Key Cleaning Products

Chemex Products


Smokeclean Effectively gets rid of difficult to remove carbon from cookers and hoods to leave them looking clean and hygienic.

Enduro Alcohol free, long lasting protection proven to keep on working after you apply and leaves your hands feeling soft.

AntiBak When health and hygiene really matters, use AntiBak easily to protect you from a wide range of nasty infections.

Waterless Urinal System Cost-effective, environmentally friendly, easy to use system which is effective for removing smells, scales and provides you with maintenance savings.

Glasswash Provide your customers with sparkling glassware which leaves a lasting impression and keeps them coming back time after time.

Bio GD Keep drains unblocked and your reputation intact with Chemex’s Drain Management System.

Chemzyme Plus Removes urine odours on hard and soft surfaces so that your staff, residents and visitors can enjoy their surroundings.

FAD Fast-acting three in one food area degreaser, cleaner and sanitiserproviding you with savings in time and money.

Bacticlean Effective bacteriocide used in ambulances which combats MRSA whilst leaving surfaces clean and hygienic.

Powerkleen Premium floor cleaner which is especially effective to use on difficult to clean Altro Flooring.

AntiBak Effective deep cleaning properties when using AntiBak effective in thequarentine of strangles.

Hygiene Control Programme Free tool provided by Chemex, bespoke to your business to help you stay one step ahead of your EHO visit or other, internal, external or legislation led inspections, providing you peace of mind.

Superplus Non-caustic, concentrated, cost effective product which can be used on the  inside and outside of vehicles.