Laundry – Fabric Conditioner

Fabric softeners are used for:

  • Making clothes feel soft
  • Making clothes smell nice
  • Decreasing static cling
  • Reducing wrinkling
  • Protecting colours from fading in the next wash
  • Reducing drying time
  • Making ironing easier


Code: 1520 Pack: 10 or 20 litre Health & Safety Category:
Product Description: A luxurious concentrated fabric conditioner that adds extra freshness.


It always goes into the rinse cycle. Because Softfresh is a liquid it can also be used as part of the Chemex liquid dispensed system in commercial washing machines. Softfresh is strongly fragranced to give a fresh linen smell.  Softfresh is a cationic product and should never be added to the main wash cycle where it will interfere with the performance of the washing solution.